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The New 30% Solar Power Tax Credit Is Here !

If you've been thinking about eliminating your electric bill with a grid tie solar system for your home or business, it's now time to celebrate ! After nearly a year of debates and nine previous attempts, On Friday October 3rd 2008 Congress finally approved a bill that not only extends the Federal 30% tax credit for solar but also removes the $2,000.00 cap that existed on the previous residential tax credit. That's an incredible 30% with no cap for residential and commercial installations !

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We're so confidant that we offer the finest solar systems available at the best price,
that we'll beat any nationally advertised price on our same, in stock, top of the line, big name brand solar systems or your system is free.

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Big Brand Name, Hot Rod, Performance At An Affordable Price !

8.50 DC Peak kW High Performance Mitsubishi Solar Array !


Mitsubishi Has Proven To Be The Most Reliable, Highest Selling, High Performance Solar Panel That We've Offered In Our Company's 12 Year History.

We've Sold Multi-Megawatts Worth Of Mitsubishi Solar Panels Without A Single Failure To Date !

You Simply Cannot Buy A More Reliable, High Performance Solar Panel Anywhere.




List Price $57,028.31

Sale Price

(Price Before Our Discount Or Any State Rebate Or The Tax Credit)

 Take advantage of our limited time supplemental cash rebate of $400.00 per AC kilowatt and this will reduce the above posted Sale Price to:


For example for a limited time if you're in California's Edison service area, the above solar power system qualifies for a cash rebate of up to $11,612.20**

Other states are offering even larger rebates !

After applying SCE's rebate,
your final system price can be as low as :*


Apply the new 30% Federal tax credit with no cap and your final system cost can be as low as :*


If this system is being used for a commercial application then you may qualify for a Federal income tax credit of up to 30% with no maximum and a 5 year depreciation schedule.

New !

Businesses may receive a 30% grant from the U.S. Department of Treasury instead of the 30% Federal tax credit. The U.S. Treasury Department will make payment of the grant within 60 days of the grant application date or the date the property is placed in service, whichever is later.

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Power Production

This is a 8,502 peak DC watt utility intertie system that has a PTC rated output of 7,491.74 watts and with 5 hours of peak sunshine, this system will produce up to 1,123.76 kilowatt hours per month, with 6 hours of peak sunshine, this system will produce up to 1,348.51 kilowatt hours per month.****

Your site's average solar resource as well as its average peak sunshine hours and resultant system output will vary depending on your site's geographic location and other factors which are listed at the bottom of this page.***

Click here to view a map depicting U.S. annual average solar resource data measured in kilowatt hours per meter squared per day.

Click here to learn the difference between a solar panel's STC rating versus its PTC rating.

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The Freedom Max system includes all of the following :

Qty. 39 Top Of The Line Mitsubishi PV-UJ218G6 218 Watt, High Efficiency, True Grid Tie Class Solar Panels With A 25 Year Factory Warranty And MC Connectors.


Qty. 1 Top Of The Line, German Made, Sunny Boy SB8000US 8.0 kW Inverters With A Heavy Duty, Copper Wound Output Transformer And Display. You Won't Find Any High Frequency Output Transformers In This Heavy Duty Inverter.

Qty. 1 Set Of High Quality, Unirac Clicksys Mounting System. For A limited Time Get A Free Upgrade To Higher Strength, Unirac SolarMount !

Qty. 1 Set Of High Quality Unirac Clicksys Top Mounting Clips And Hardware. For A Limited Time Get A Free Upgrade To Higher Strength, Unirac SolarMount !
Qty 1 High Voltage DC Disconnect Switch (Pre-Installed In Sunny Boy Units).
Qty. 1 Square D AC Disconnect.

Qty. 3 100' Extender Cable With MC4 Connectors.

Qty. 39 Lay In Grounding Lugs.

Qty. 1 Electrical Diagram.

Includes a 10 year SMA inverter warranty and 25 year panel warranty !


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Our Mitsubishi BIGGER Is Better Free Upgrade Sale Is On Now !

Free Upgrade From The  Mitsubishi PV-UJ218G6 218 Watts To The Mitsubishi PV-UJ225GA6 225 Watts.

More Power: 218 Watts To 225 Watts !

Higher Efficiency: 13.2% To 13.7% !

Stronger Module: 2,400 Pa to 5,400 Pa !

Higher Reliability: 2 Bus Bars To 4 Bus Bars !

Better Return On Your Investment: For The Same Price !

Hurry, This Limited Time Offer Ends Soon.


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This system can eliminate up to 31,015 pounds of carbon dioxide per year when compared to a typical coal fired power plant.

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Free Desktop Bluetooth Remote !

At the time of your purchase, for a limited time, purchase any one of our top of the line Mitsubishi Solar 1.9kW or larger grid tie solar systems at our unbeatable posted prices and refer a friend or neighbor for a solar system quote and get a Sunny Beam Bluetooth remote display and a Sunny Beam Piggy Back Card a ($639.00 retail value) to use with your system as a free thank you gift !+++

If the friend or neighbor that you referred buys a systems from us, you'll then receive an additional $500.00 as a participant in our Tell A Friend



You'll receive 20 assorted compact fluorescent bulbs to replace your existing energy wasting incandescent bulbs at no additional cost. Further reducing your electric bill and your carbon footprint.

Hurry this is a limited time offer

Click here to see what kind of financial incentives your state or utility is offering.

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Click here for a quick, no obligation, no pressure solar quote without the inconvenience of a salesperson in your home.

We Can Save You Thousands !

Or Give Us A Call At


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We Challenge Anyone To Find A Higher Performance, Higher Quality, Better Priced Solar System From Any Dealer In The Country.

Compare These Premium, Power Solar™ Investment Grade Solar Systems To Many Of Our Competitor's Offerings And You'll Find That We Offer:

Top of the line name brand Mitsubishi solar panels.

A much larger rebate than many other brands.

High efficiency Polycrystalline technology.

Solar cells that are cut from a solid ingot of silicon.

No Canadian Lower Efficiency UMG Solar Cells.

A much better per Watt PTC rating.

A better negative tolerance rating.

High tech, Unirac ClickSys I beam mounting rails.

No low cost, light weight, high frequency inverters.

No low efficiency thin film or thin cells in our solar panels.

No toxic cadmium in our solar panels.

And a much, much lower price than the competition.


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With the cost of gasoline, natural gas and electricity going through the roof, it is now time to start thinking about your energy budget as a whole.

You can't make your own gasoline and you can't make your own natural gas, but now you CAN make your own electricity. And the best part about it is that the fuel to make own electricity falls from the sky everyday for free. 

Thousands of utility customers throughout the U.S., who were tired of the high cost of electricity have taken advantage of the huge rebates and tax credits which are available for the installation of solar energy systems on their homes and businesses.

For example, Southern California Edison is currently offering a cash rebate of up to $1,550.00 per AC kilowatt. And the Federal Government is offering a 30% tax credit with absolutely no cap residential and commercial applications. And unlike like the old solar energy systems of yesteryear that only produced hot water, these new systems actually produce electricity ! Clean reliable electricity to run lights, TVs, pumps, refrigerators, computers and many other appliances, all with free energy from the Sun.

The staff Here at Solar Home are experts in the design and implementation of systems that qualify for many State rebate programs. We offer free assistance in the design of your system and can even assist you with the submission of your application to your State.

Depending on the size system you choose and the number of loads you have running during the day, it is actually possible watch the power company's meter run backwards.

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Compare Any Brand Any Model You Want.

Mitsubishi Offers Third Party Documented, Ultra High Performance And Over 35 Years Of Proven Reliability At A Price That Beats The Competition Hands Down.

Click Here To Compare Mitsubishi's Competition Crushing PTC Rating To Every Other Brand On The California Energy Commission's Website

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4 Bus Bars

Through innovative research and development, Mitsubishi Electric has created cells with four bus bars to maximize cell efficiency. By reducing the distance between bus bars, the flow of electricity faces less resistance, increasing power output. Most of other solar modules only offer two bus bars and only a few offer three.



Protection Bar


The protection bar on the back of the modules enhances the structural strength of the module and allows the modules to withstand tough environmental conditions like snow and wind. The protection plate behind the bar allows water to drain behind the bar, and includes cable clips to help make the installation smoother.



4 Layer Junction Box

The junction box is one of the most critical parts of a module. Mitsubishi Electric is the first in the industry to use a 4-layer junction box for added protection against water, fire hazards, and other electrical or environmental risks.




New Innovative Frame

The UJ6 series modules have a grooved frame making them easier to grip, handle, and attach to the racking structure. The highly durable aluminum frame is treated with two separate corrosion-resistant coatings for ultimate durability under the harshest conditions.



Tight Power Tolerance

Mitsubishi's state-of-the-art engineering and module production ensures that they have one of the tightest power tolerances in the industry (+/- 3%). Their modules frequently outperform their production estimates due in part to reducing losses from module mismatching. In their factory, modules with matching characteristics are paired together so that the actual power value per pair actually exceeds the nominal output power for each carton.

The Tighter The Tolerance The Better Your Assurance Of Getting The Power You Paid For.

Not Even Sharp
® Or SunPower® Solar Panels Up To 235 Watts Offer This Tight Of A Power Tolerance Rating.

Click To Learn More



Approved For Salt Water Installations

Mitsubishi Electric has conducted substantial testing to verify the effects of salt water exposure on their PV modules. they found that their PV modules maintained a sufficient level of insulation from the corrosive effect of salt air and ocean front environment to maintain the power output specifications included in its warranty. Their UJ6 series modules are approved for installations near salt water - a benefit that sets their modules apart from others in the solar industry.

Click To Learn More







Mitsubishi Electric Brings Its Expertise In The Space Industry Down To Earth

With more than 30 years experience in the space industry, Mitsubishi Electric has consistently demonstrated the reliability of its products in the realm of outer space by standing up to exposure to high energy cosmic rays as well as temperatures that can soar as high as 300oC.

 The shear severity of the environment in space defies any comparison with conditions on here on Earth.

This same level of unparalleled engineering know-how is put to use when designing their solar electric panels for Earth based applications.

Click Here To View A Graphic Of Mitsubishi's Heritage In Space.



No Toxic Lead Solder Or Cadmium Over The Roof Of Your Home

We're beginning to notice a disturbing trend where existing manufacturers are continuing to use toxic lead solder and several new manufacturers are introducing the known carcinogen Cadmium in their solar panel construction.

Mitsubishi Electric uses no lead solder or Cadmium in their solar panels




Solar Panel Comparison

According to the California Energy Commission, Click Here To Compare For Yourself  the Mitsubishi PV-UJ218G6 218 Watt solar panel has a higher per Watt PTC rating for a bigger per watt rebate in many states, than all of the following solar panels:

The Sharp® ND And NU Series 187 through 240 Watt panels.

The Chinese made SunPower® 200-BLK-U, 200-WHT-U, 205-BLK-U,
208-WHT-U, 210-BLK-U, 217-WHT-U, 220-BLK-U, 225SE-WHT,
230E-WHT, 238E-WHT Solar Panels.

The Chinese made Canadian Solar® 150 through 240 Watt panels.

The REC 205 through 235 Watt panels.

The Yes! Solar Solutions® 190 through 205 Watt panels.

The Kyocera® 175 Through 215 Watt Solar Panels.

The Evergreen® 170 through 210 Watt panels.

The Solarfun Power® 150 Through 245 Watt Solar Panels.

The BP® 170 through 237 Watt solar panels.

The SolarWorld® 165 though 235 Watt solar panels.

The Solon® 215 through 300 Watt panels.

The Schott® Solar 145 though 310 Watt solar panels.

The Schuco® 165 though 320 Watt solar panels.

The Brightwatts® 175 though 230 Watt solar panels.

The Andaly Solar® 165 Through 210 Watt Solar Panels.

The Yingli Green Energy® 170 Through 280 Watt Solar Panels.

The Solar Tech Power® 210 through 240 Watt panels.

 The 1Soltech® 180 through 235 Watt panels.

The Solar Power SPI® 165 through 210 Watt panels.

The Advanced Renewable Energy® 210 through 240 Watt panels.

The ASUN Energy® 190 through 210 Watt panels.

The Grape Solar® 150 through 280 Watt panels.

The Ecosolargy® 165 through 185 Watt panels.

The Supreme Solar® 165 through 280 Watt panels.

The Green Power® 165 through 260 Watt panels.

The Clean Source & Energy® 115 through 220 Watt panels.

The Tianwei New Energy® 155 through 235 Watt panels.

The DelSolar® 210 through 240 Watt panels.

The Ningbo® NB Solar 150 through 240 Watt panels.

The Ligitek Photovoltaic Company® 210 through 240 Watt panels.

The Apollo Solar Energy® 190 through 210 Watt panels.

The ET Solar Industry® 165 through 280 Watt panels.

The Alps® ATI-1750 165 through the ATI-2000 240 Watt panels.

The Aleo Solar AG® 165 through 240 Watt panels.

The List Goes On And On........

 Which means that in California, watt for watt you'll get a bigger rebate with This Mitsubishi Solar Panel than with any of the solar panels listed above.

And according to the following manufacturer's own specification sheets, the Mitsubishi PV-UJ218G6 218 Watt panel offers a better negative tolerance rating than the Sun Power® 200 through 230 Watt solar panel and the Sharp® 187 through 240 Watt solar panels. A better negative tolerance rating means that you are guaranteed in writing of getting more of the power that you paid for.

The Mitsubishi PV-UJ218G6 also offers a warranty that is 5 years longer than the Mexican made Sanyo® 180 through 215 watt panels and the Kyocera® 170 through 215 Watt panels.

Bring Us Your Best Quote From Any Dealer, Offering Any Of The Above Products, And We'll Show You, Specification For Specification, Why A Mitsubishi Solar System Will Put More Money In Your Pocket, Every Single Time.

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Only The Finest Available Products

Ask any alternative energy engineer, installer or dealer and they'll all tell you the same thing. With more than 750,000 Sunny Boy inverters sold and operating worldwide "The Sunny Boy SB4000US' proven technology makes this unit one of the best grid intertie inverters available on today's market." Like a fine German crafted sports car, the SB3000US is engineered and built in Germany, the hotbed of the worlds finest renewable energy technology. We've taken SB4000US' unbeatable German craftsmanship and reliability a step further by adding the very finest made solar panels available.

When it comes to purchasing a solar system for your home or business it is crucial that you take a very close look at the solar panels that the dealer is offering you. After all, solar panels are the workhorse of any solar system. Far too many consumers simply purchase what ever it is that a dealer happens to have available without even looking at a specification sheet. Performance that is lacking by just a few percentage points or an inferior warranty can make all the difference in the world over the expected life of a solar panel.

With more than ten years of experience operating our own state of the art, in-house solar repair center, we know what technologies perform well in the real world and what technologies do not.

 Over the years, we've seen expensive, name brand, solar panels fail only after a few months worth of use. We've even seen popular U.S. made solar panels fail soon after the manufacturer closed its doors leaving its customers with no warranty.

This is why it is important that you choose a solar panel manufacturer that is well established in the industry and has the financial strength to be there if the need arises. This is exactly why we chose Mitsubishi Electric for our Diamond series solar systems.

Anyone can build a solar panel that works here on Earth, now strap that same solar panel to a rocket that subjects it to 8 Gs of bone jarring thrust and then expose it to high energy cosmic rays as well as temperatures that can soar as high as 300oC and now you have engineered a solar panel.

 That's exactly the type of expertise that has been perfected by Mitsubishi Electric engineers that began when they established their space satellite business more than 30 years ago.

Building on that experience and utilizing the latest state of the art patented process for manufacturing multi-crystalline silicon, Mitsubishi Electric has achieved real world efficiencies, tolerance levels and reliability that was once thought to be impossible. And unlike other manufacturers they did it without using toxic lead solder in their panels. Since 1974 Mitsubishi Electric is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the industry.

Because Mitsubishi Electric cares about the environment they use absolutely no toxic lead solder in the manufacture of their solar panels. Instead they use silver electrodes which not only protects our precious environment but also enhances efficiency which is why Mitsubishi solar panels outperforms many of their competitors and gives you a bigger rebate at a better price per watt. A typical conventional 3 kW solar array uses up to  864,000 milligrams of lead. A Mitsubishi 3 kW array uses Zero lead solder.

Next we add one of the finest mounting rack systems available today. The UniRac SolarMount system is unsurpassed in quality and durability, rated to withstand 120 miles per hour wind speeds, UniRac SolarMounts are engineered to last a lifetime.

Finally we top off our systems with the best price that you'll find anywhere. In fact, we're so sure that ours is the best deal available, that we'll beat any nationally advertised price on our same, in stock, top of the line systems or your system is free.

Unlike other dealers that will sell you a barebones system, our premium quality kits include everything you see listed above.

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Mitsubishi Electric Corp. To Install A Huge Solar Farm In Space

Mitsubishi Space Solar Farm

Learn More About Mitsubishi's Proposed Solar Farm In Space.

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Click On This Map To See Your State's Solar Financial Incentives.

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Click here to watch a video of one of our New York customer's electric meter actually spinning backwards after installing one of our systems.

Be sure to turn your speakers up, you've got to see and hear this.

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A Solar Electric System May Actually Increase Your Home's Value

A study by ICF Consulting which was funded by the Housing and Urban Development Department and the EPA concluded that energy saving measures such as solar can add $20.00 of home value for every $1.00 in yearly energy cost savings.

Click here to view a reprint of ICF Consulting's report titled : Evidence Of Rational Market Valuations For Home Energy Efficiency. Where the $20.00 increase for every $1.00 in yearly energy costs savings is explained.

The Freedom Max Grid Intertie system is perfect for reducing your monthly electric bill. No batteries are needed because this system utilizes a grid intertie power conditioning unit. You'll actually become a mini power company selling power back to your utility company while the sun is shining. If your power production exceeds your power consumption, depending on the type of meter you have you will be able to actually watch your meter run backwards, what a sight !

Call toll free at 1-888-955-3471 for further information concerning this system.



Many states as well as local municipalities permit the home owner to perform a self installation of this system as long as the system is installed according to current NEC electrical codes. Although this may be permitted, Solar Home, Inc. highly recommends that the installation of this system be performed only by a licensed electrician.

Installation of the above listed system exposes the installer to voltages and currents that are considered lethal and can cause injury or even death if not installed properly. The decision to self install any part of this system is entirely up to the consumer's discretion. Solar Home, Inc. and Solar Home, Inc. Assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, consequential or incidental, which might arise out of the installation or use of any of these products. Self installation of any of the above listed products shall be entirely at the user's risk.

Only one system per household at these discount prices. No layaways or rain checks permitted. Sale may end without notice.

This is a limited time offer. No layaways or rain checks. Only one system per household, person or business at this specially discounted price. Sorry no exceptions.

System only includes the items that are listed above. System does not include lag bolts, bare copper grounding wire or AC circuit breakers.
These inexpensive items will differ from installation to installation and should be supplied by the installation contractor once he or she has determined your specific requirements based on the assessment of your site.

*The above system price does not include sales tax or installation.
If you live in California then sales tax will apply to the base price. The average installation rate for the above system is approximately $1.00 to $2.00 per Watt. This installation estimate does not included permit fees or unusual engineering requirements. Tax credit amounts are approximations. Please see your tax preparer to make sure that you qualify for this tax credit in the manner in which it has been presented here. Shipping is extra.

**(Your rebate amount may vary depending on expected system performance and will be calculated based on equipment ratings and installation factors, such as geographic location, tilt, and shading.) In the event that you have paid Solar Home, Inc. a deposit or have paid in full for the purchase of a grid tie solar system and you are unable to secure an approval on your rebate reservation from your state or utility company’s rebate administrator, we hereby agree to issue you a full refund of your deposit or a full refund of the full payment that you made to us toward the purchase of your solar system so long as the product has not been shipped to you. In the event that you have paid in full and your solar system’s components have already been shipped to you and you are unable to secure an approval of your rebate reservation from your utility company’s rebate administrator, Solar Home’ Inc. hereby agrees to issue you a full refund of the full payment minus shipping costs, upon the return of the solar system’s unused, undamaged equipment so long as said equipment is returned to our warehouse within 30 days of its delivery to your site. Please note that as a courtesy, Solar Home, Inc. offers free assistance to its customers in filling out their rebate applications but assumes no liability or responsibility for securing a rebate for you nor any liability or responsibility for securing any specific rebate amount. For this reason Solar Home, Inc. highly recommends that you wait until you have received your rebate reservation confirmation before taking delivery of your solar system’s components. If you have paid in full for your solar system and have not yet received an approval for your rebate reservation, Solar Home, Inc. will store your solar system for you at no charge until you have received your rebate reservation approval.

***Peak sunshine is defined as sunshine which is available during clear sky conditions between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM. The 5 to 6 hour peak sunshine energy production examples depicted above are meant for reference purposes only, and are typical only for certain areas of Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Your site's number of peak sunshine hours and thus your system's performance will vary depending on factors such as, geographic location, the angle at which your solar panels are tilted, time of year, degree of annual cloud cover, pollutants in the air, dirt and guano (bird droppings) build up on the solar modules, time of day, solar module age, obstacles to sunlight such as trees and buildings, and the direction that the solar modules are pointed at.

**** Your home value increase results if any, may vary significantly from this example. To determine the actual amount that your home might appreciate after installing this solar electric system, please consult a licensed appraiser. Information concerning ICF's findings is being presented for informational purposes only. The decision as to whether or not to include these finding when calculating any return on investment or payback time is solely up to the consumer. Solar Home, Inc. is not in the business of accessing home values and hereby makes no claim whatsoever regarding the accuracy or validity of the ICF report.

*****Illustrations may not be to exact scale or shape. Illustrations depicting competing products are not representative of any particular manufacturer's brand or model.

++Solar Home, Inc. maintains a nationwide list of contractors/installers that may be provided to our customers upon request solely as a convenience. Solar Home, Inc. is not a contractor and as such we do not sub-contract installation services to anyone. In addition we do not make contractor/installer recommendations. And as always, we highly recommend that you always verify that any contractor or installer that you are considering possesses the necessary licensing, certification, bonding and insurance. In addition, always check references before signing any contact. The decision to use any contractor/installer on this list is entirely at your own risk. Should you decide to use any contractor/installer from this list, you hereby agree that Solar Home, Inc. under no circumstance shall be held liable for the following: (1) third-party claims against you for damages; (2) loss of, or damage to, your person or property; or (3) economic consequential damages (including lost profits, savings or interest paid) or incidental damages even if we are informed of their possibility.

The Home Depot®, SunPower®, Kyocera® are the registered trademarks of Home Depot Inc., Sun Power Corporation and Kyocera Inc. respectively. Solar Home, Inc. has absolutely no association with either of these companies.

+++ Free Sunny Beam Blue Tooth Remote and Bluetooth Piggy Back offer applies only to solar systems that are sold after April 8th 2010 at the Sale Price After Limited Time SolarGreenBacks that are posted above and may not be combined with any other offer or discount other than our $500.00 refer a friend offer.